1. Must be male.
2. Must have and ride American iron.
3. Must know the old ways and believe in them or be willing to learn them and live them.
4. Must have common sense.
5. Must apply what the Brotherhood stands for in your daily life.
6. Must understand that this is a lifetime commitment, not a game.

Our Mission Statement - to educate people to the fact that being a "biker"
isn't bought. It's a piece of history - it's a lifestyle - it's a Brotherhood.

What we Stand for:
ABOVE ALL we stand for freedom.
We respect those who know and live the lifestyle.
We help brothers in need.

The basic concept of
the 10%erBrotherHood is four-fold:

1. Educate the newer, younger and upcoming generations about the
True nature of "BrotherHood."
2. Work to collectively get the "clubs" to band together to fight legislation against bikers.
3. Remember our Veterans and POW-MIA s
4. Network around the world to help ANY downed brother.

In order for this to be accomplished it will take the cooperation of
ALL THOSE WHO RIDE ...................