Mission - to educate people to the fact that being a "biker" isn't bought.
It's a piece of history - it's a lifestyle- it's a brotherhood.
How many of you can remember seeing -and hearing - what seemed to be an endless line of Harleys passing through your town when you were growing up? Sometimes they stopped to eat, drink,sleep or gas up - sometimes they just rode through on their way to some unknown destination. If they did stop, it was together - they rode as one no matter how large the group. They lived life centered around riding their bikes and supporting their brotherhood. These were the "industrial age gypsies" known as bikers and their passion and love for their bikes, their travel, their freedom and their brothers knew no limits.

 It wasn't about riding an expensive machine to the Harley dealership when the sun was shining, taking a trailer across the country to show off all the custom chrome installed, or even about letting your hair grow long and wearing leather. These were men who lived most of their lives on their bikes, in the wind, with their brothers.

 Today there are millions of Harleyriders worldwide, but only about 10% of us are left who really remember what being a "brother of the road" used to mean. Each brother,
once accepted,wears a "10%er" patch on the left front of his vest.

 Every brother respects all 1%er Clubs and their lifestyle; he believes in honor and respect, stands by his brothers, lends a hand educating those less knowledgeable in the ways of the road, and reminds other brothers what we stand for and believe in and opens their eyes to what is happening that may impact their rights and privileges on the roads we'll all travel tomorrow.

 Our spirit rides with the brothers we've lost in dark jungles and shores of foreign lands...protecting our rights to know the beauty and wonder of a place we call...the United States of America. We ride for our brothers who are unjustly incarcerated all across our land. We ride for all our lost brothers and for those that haven't yet been brought home to rest in a place that they fought for...our country...for our freedoms...for our rights. These are the brothers that have laid their lives in "harm's way"...to protect your rights and our children's rights to their future...we won't let their memories die and we will fight on to protect those rights in the honorable traditions of those that came before us...we are here "now" fighting for those rights and the 10%er Brotherhood will ensure that our newer, younger, and up-comming generations will learn how to keep those values alive for the generations to come.

 The 10%er Brotherhood is a mixture of the past generations of every pioneer that rode west to settle this country...that took up arms to bring about our great nation...that set about to ensure that every soul walking our land was a "free man" with "rights" and the collective ability to ensure that those "rights" will always remain protected. We have been, and still are, in an ever constant battle to protect those rights from those sitting in political office who will never understand that they have forgotten the true spirit of being a "free American". We fought for those rights...our spirit is dedicated to preserving those rights and we will, as, 10%er's work to ensure that those that ride the roads of tomorrow will know that the spirit of the 10%er Brotherhood worked to preserve those rights...we hope those that are riding the future roads will remember our efforts and carry on the honor, respect and ideas of those that worked so hard to ensure you're still riding when tomorrow's sun rises.