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When Posting a New Message or Responding to an existing message, there are several fields; most of which are self-explanatory. They are explained herein to assist new members in understanding proper input with particular emphasis on how to tell a message reader how to click on a link and be sent there as well as how to Post a picture from your's or someone else's website.

This field is where you would type in the "handle or nickname" that fellow 10%er's know you as.

This field is where you place your email address. This field must be "exact" will show up at the top of your message and allow someone reading your message to click on your name and popup an email box to send them a personal message. You may leave this field blank; it is optional.

This field is where you type-in the Subject of the message you are about to enter. Just use some short words or short description of the context of the message so the visitor will know the content of the message.

This area is designed to enter your actual message content. You can type beyond the right border and it will ultimately wordwrap, but this often makes it difficult to finish a long sentence once the beginning of it has scrolled off to the left of the box. So, if you like to see your whole message within the box, press the [ENTER] key when you get to the right side of the Message Box area and the cursor will drop down a line.

If you want to tell a visitor to your message about a particular link that you would like them to visit, maybe your website or someone else's website, you can enter the proper URL into this box. For those that do not know, the letters "URL" stand for "Universal Resource Locator" and it simply means: another web address. Example: If you would like to send someone to Austin Hog's Angry Biker site, you would type:

The above URL would "point" to my website address. Please note...this is not for email addresses only. See the next field description below as just putting a web address URL into this box will not work by must give it a name to show on your message's screen.

This field is where you type-in the TITLE for the Optional Link you may have entered above. In the example above I used my AngryBiker site URL. For the reader of the message to have something to "click On to get there" must enter a LINK TITLE. Example: You might simply type in: CLICK HERE TO VISIT ANGRY BIKER'S SITE

This field can take a little longer to, let's try it this way. If you have a website that has a particular picture that you would like to display HERE...IN YOUR MESSAGE can type the URL into this field and before the message displays it will look for the URL of your image and display it prior to your MESSAGE text. Example: If you had an image called: abc.jpg located at your's or anyone else's website, you could enter:

http://www.the_web_site/picture name

Please note that you must preface the image location with the proper location, otherwise you will get a little box that I call a "fractured image"...this means that you did not properly type in the URL of the image. The easiest way to avoid this problem (until you learn how) is to go to the other website and COPY the image URL location in your Browser's Location Field at the top of the screen, then return here, Post your message and place the cursor in the OPTIONAL IMAGE URL field and click on PASTE from your Browser's top menu bar.