An open letter to all anti-war protesters:
:You Fucking Bleedng Hearts:

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I hope you are specifically singled out for the 
next terrorist incident that this country sees. We all know that another attack or wave of attacks is imminent and I can only pray that you are the target, for you are doing nothing but endangering the lives of more Americans.

An old saying comes to mind: United we stand, 
divided we fall. If you, in your simple naivety, are so sure that fighting for our way of life is wrong, then by all means voice your opinion in a positive, non-destructive way. The way of life that allows you to make an ass of yourself in the streets of America also allows you to run for public office and elect the public officials who you think will best represent the populous.

If you truly wanted to further your cause of 
peace, why didn't you protest our war in Afghanistan? Why didn't you protest our various endeavors in Iraq, Africa and Eastern Europe during the Clinton administration? Why didn't you protest our action in Panama or our "war on drugs"? The truth of the matter is that peace is not gained through words alone but the road to peace and democracy is paved only with the blood, sweat and tears of those willing to die for the freedom of others.

Understand this: your protesting, your blocking 
of our streets, your occupation of our cities resources, and your rape of the first amendment is not helping to spread peace nor increase the safety of the American people, but rather it is causing the opposite. Our police are so busy keeping the peace with peace protesters (ironic, no?) that terrorists might as well come on in and do as they please. After the events of September 11th, 2001, I can only assume that we would want to put all possible resources into keeping our cities safe, but your protests are hindering that. So ultimately in my mind, if there was to be another attack, I can only hope it is against the people who are essentially 
allowing it to happen.

Our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, relatives, friends, heroes and idols are dispersed throughout the planet as we speak fighting for the freedom of others, feeding the poor, defending the helpless and keeping peace all in the name of humanity and you should be ashamed for protesting against them. I'm sick and tired of hearing the excuse from you protestors that you are not against the coalition forces, but against the war they are fighting. Although this is a much better stance than the protestors of the sixties who acted appallingly towards our soldiers coming home from Vietnam, I firmly believe that causing civil unrest in the name of "peace" does nothing but demoralize our soldiers who are valiantly serving us across the world.

Protesting a war on an evil, murdering tyrant whose government is responsible for more atrocities that are countable or even worth recounting is the same as showing support for said tyrant. When you show your disgust for our government's actions in trying to overthrow his regime, you are showing your support for him.

My last message is this: think twice before going 
out to the cities of America with the soul purpose of disrupting the commutes of your hardworking neighbors in hopes of getting on TV with your clever signs and ridiculous behavior. Is your stopping traffic in the middle of the city and playing dead in front of office buildings actually going to bring peace to the world? No, no it is not. I'm not saying that individuals or groups of people cannot effect change in the world, but I think the way the American protestors are trying to do this is a waste of time and taxpayers money.

Show your patriotism by writing to the officials 
elected by you or even better by running for political office, not by skipping work or school and clogging up America's streets with the intention of showing off your divisive, non-constructive childish behavior.

Chris M.